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This is a short piece of flash fiction about a bass guitar – my husband’s bass guitar! – Tell me what you think?

He threw me into a damp, dank shed – tossed aside, abandoned. Curves, sunburst hues, ebony statuesque neck forgotten:  sophisticated tones, rich bass voice rejected.

The door opens; squeals in pain.  Light fills the dark shed, sunbeams glinting on my fiery reds, burnished ambers.  

He picks me up, glances at me absently; ambivalently plays a couple of discordant notes.  Shivers run through my curvaceous body, from my long slim neck to my machine heads, dull gold, unpolished –Ah!  I have not been touched in so long.  

Suddenly, in one violent movement, he shoves me, unceremoniously, into a velvet-lined case.  I should feel warm, cosy, yet I cower in misery as the case is jammed shut. 

I recall times when he loved me.  Memories flood in – of bright lights, applause, adulation, fingers running smoothly up and down my sturdy strings –– slapping my stunning, vibrating body to sounds of exquisite jazz. 

He hauls me indoors; sets me down beside the draughty door.

 I jump as the doorbell rings.  The door opens: a voice – jovial:

“The Jazz Bass?  I’ve come to try it?”

My case opens with a click.

“Look at you, baby!”

I gaze into nut-brown, amazed eyes.

The stranger lifts me; fondles, caresses; tunes me,  pressing me to his chest.  He plays me beautifully – a few chords here; the odd riff there; a set of harmonics for good measure.

He kisses my body and chuckles with delight – HEAVEN! 

© Sheila Newton 2010

                                                                                                                                                               …and here she is!


2 Responses to “ALL THAT JAZZ”

  1. A thought provoking perspective. Makes me feel guilty for selling stuff on ebay- must buy more instruments to make them feel good about themselves and liberate them from the tyranny of neglectful ownership.

  2. Thanks Dave for your fabulous comments. Now all I need is a photo of that lovely machine to go with my ‘All that Jazz’ piece!

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