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The band plays a melody that sets the heart aflutter

A Beautiful ballroom dress with glitter and sparkle

Flounces in a myriad swatches

 Of satin and silk and net –

All the colours of the rainbow

A dress that balls out and out again and again

To reach an ankle connected to satin high-heeled shoe

Feet pointed to fly and flit along the dance floor

Shoulders inflexible to anchor an angled elbow

Fingers precisely placed on the shoulder

Other arm straight, in military fashion

Hand clasping her partner’s palm –

A partner formally tailed and shiny-shoed

Chests pressed together feeling the heartbeat of the other

Silk, satin and cashmere entwined

Skirts between the knees of the well-tailored male

Swaying together in perfect time

To a romantic slow foxtrot

Eyes make contact to read the mind of the other

Slow, slow, quick-quick, slow


Boom box on the shoulder, playing hip-hop

Gyrating with intelligent, intricate movement 

Legs, arms – crossed, uncrossed

Akimbo, knees flexed, moving heel to toe,

Arms flapping, shoulder to elbow

Wrist to palm

Crazy clothes that shine and glimmer 

Trousers that start way past your bum 

Shoes unlaced, designer labels

Sleeveless top cut-off to punctuate a bejewelled naval

Music pulsing with bass and drum

Generated from old songs pinched to suit the purpose

Hands loosely waving from the wrist

Fingers pointed to accentuate the rhythm

Lyrics you can’t quite grasp

Couldn’t care less –

It’s the dance that matters

© Sheila Newton 2010


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