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Want to join an online ‘Linked-In’ writing group?

        CLICK ON THE LINK:-  http://www.linkedin.com/e/8tt7ek-ge5z92ci-2n/vgh/3417866/              

…or DROP ME AN EMAIL (to the right of my homepage) and…you could subscribe to my blog while you’re here, or leave a message in the comments box of a piece you like – (only if you like!) 

…and join a Creative Writing Group that I’ve set up so that members can critique others’ creative writing and BE CRITIQUED.  Once we’ve reached 7 – 8 people, we’ll call a halt to the numbers so we stay COSY and HOMELY!  My quest is to find people willing and able to critique no more than 1000 words of others’ work – and to put forward no more than 1000 words for critiquing.  SOUND GOOD?



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