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‘Live Journal’ Blog!

I’m keeping a diary in Windows Live Journal: another medium for my writing. The ‘writer’s block’ slot has a topic a day.  I’m not saying I’ll write every day, but I’ll write often, I think!   Go on in and I hope you enjoy my points of view. 

 My first entry is about Shanti Nature Reserve in Goa, click on the link below:

       Writer’s Block: You can’t take that away from me!.

You can go to: Writer’s Block: Vote early, vote often if you want a political rant!

Or if you’re in the mood to hear my musings about all the above, or about childhood or teenage angst, go to:

 http://sheilanewton.livejournal.com/ and read all my entries!


One Response to “‘Live Journal’ Blog!”

  1. An interesting antidote to the perils and irritations of modern living (LOL) and how to put the country right in one place- an enjoyable read keep it up

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