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Travelling in Goa 2009


  I know it was a year ago, but this was one of the best trips I’ve ever had in my life.  One day I’ll tell you about ALL of it, but for now, an excerpt from my diary about our experiences with elephants and jungle trekking will do nicely.  Travel with me as I tell my tale! 

To the right, there’s a photograph of me with a baby elephant at Shanti Nature Reserve in Goa, 2009.

Shanti is at the foothills of the Dudhsagar Falls, the 2nd largest waterfall in India. We fed them, bathed them, swam with them in the river.  We watched them perform amazing stunts as they pranced and danced for us in a clearing in the reserve.

We lived in a mud hut overnight, with mud flooring and just the basic bed and cold shower.  It was great!

At six in the morning, from the glorious green foothills, we trekked up, up to Dudhsagar waterfall, the 2nd largest in all of India,  through thick jungle adorned with trees that seemed to reach the sky.  The waterfall thundered down, looking like it was split in two by an ornate railway bridge. 

Imagine how  that stunning waterfall looked to my bleary, weary eyes after three hours walking solidly uphill in  humid, soul-destroying heat, goaded by the screeches of monkeys along the torrid jungle pathways. It was worth every blister on my weary feet!

One day, I’ll return to this beautiful part of  the world and swim again in the river with those gorgeous elephants, say hello to Rupa, my favourite elephant in the whole world!


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