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In April last year, I started writing creatively, just for fun.  That was when I made the shift from being a retired nurse and teacher, to becoming a writer.  Last year, I was published online with a dozen walking articles, short fiction and poetry.  After writing my first walking article, I was commissioned by two hoteliers –

Nickey Forster, Falstone Barns www.falstonebarns.com

and Robin Kershaw, The Pheasant Inn www.thepheasantinn.com


– to write articles that included an account of my stay in their great accomodation. 


I became a member of 3 writing groups in Newcastle.  I joined an online writing community, Fan Story, at: www.fanstory.com.  I acquired a writing buddy, Fleur, via an online ‘Get Creative’ group that I run.  I set up a writing journal on Windows Live Journal at: http://sheilanewton.livejournal.com/  and undertook an online course in Creative Writing with the Writers Bureau www.writersbureau.com : my personal tutor, Andy, is the best.  I’ve written about my travels since 2010, on my travelpod –  ‘Sheila’s Wheels Great Adventure’.  Join me on: http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog/sheilaswheels/1/tpod.html for accounts of my travels – and great pix that my husband takes with his much more than snappy camera!


January 2011 – This New Year, I blogged my first entry in my blog, Writing for My Life at http://sheilanewton.blogspot.com, a diary of events and a fun look at my writing week. It’s a diary of events and a fun look at my writing, week by week.  Let’s raise our glasses to – WRITING IN 2011! 

I won my first writing competition – an ‘About Writing’ contest.  You can read my piece, ‘The Strange Tale of Writer’s Block’

on Fan Story at: http://www.fanstory.com/displaystory.jsp?id=399045

I was invited to blog for the local blues/rock band THE BONESHAKERS.  Catch up with their blog, ‘Rockin’ with the Boneshakers’ on:


My short story, ‘Me, Bea ‘n Betsy make Three’, set in Tynemouth in the North East of England,  was accepted by the small press magazine, Debut, for publication sometime this year.


(Debut is held in local libraries around the country).


My ‘about writing’ article, ‘Waltzing with the Word’ was published online on 24th March in ‘Flash Fiction Chronicles’

at: http://www.everydayfiction.com/flashfictionblog/ (Flash Fiction Chronicles is listed in November/December’s Writers Digest as one of the 25 best online consumer magazine market for writers)

My piece, ‘Ghosts and Games of Long Ago Liverpool’ (a nostalgia story about my childhood in Liverpool) was retained by the quarterly glossy magazine, ‘This England’. 

View the magazine online at: www.thisengland.co.uk


I was commissioned by gite owners, John and Judi, in Castelnau de Montmiral in the Gaillac region of the Midi Pyrenees, to write an article about their gites and the local area. The article, entitled, ‘Gorgeous La Greze of the Tarn’ will be published online soon with Trifter. 

I was invited to blog for North East Life Magazine.  What an honour! 


You can read my blog entries in ‘Twigs, Gigs, Haunts and Jaunts’ at the link below:


The fantastic North East of England function band approached me to ghost write the band and biography sections of their website. 

You can visit this fabulous band to book your parties or functions – a wedding, a 21st, an 18th, a 60th, a retirement do – anything at all.  This is the link, below:


There are now over 20 of my articles, stories, poetry etc. published online by various publishers.    Links are posted regularly, right here on my website. Take a peek.


I live in Tyne and Wear, on the North East coast of England – and I do most of my walking in this beautiful part of the world. I really enjoy gardening (I’ve got a great, south-facing garden that houses a couple of resident blackbirds and lots of tubs and planters),  writing (of course!), reading (anything I can get my hands on) and swimming.  I go swimming at the local baths with my husband – that’s when I’m not swimming in the Arabian sea, or the Black Sea or the Indian Ocean or the Red Sea!    That’s me (below right) snorkelling in the red sea (in the red bikini pants with the blue flippers!) 





One of my great passions is ELEPHANTS.  I love ELEPHANTS!  I was lucky enough to ride, bathe, swim with and feed these fabulous creatures in Shanti Reserve at the foothills of Dudhsagar Falls (the Milky Sea) in Goa, India.




Egypt just has to be my favourite country on earth.  Karnak temple, Philae Temple, Abu Simbel, the Pyramids -and more and more and more.  Five times I’ve visited this amazing country and I still want more – and more and more!


And let’s not forget the wonderful people of Egypt – and the camels, ooh the CAMELS!




      At the end of January, we visited Barcelona ( ‘Gaudi-Town’ as I call it now, being crazy about Anton Gaudi!)  All of his work is driven by things in nature: Mother Nature is his godess and Catholicism his god.  The sparrow photographs (above) were taken outside Gaudi’s famous La Sagrada Familia and the photographs below were taken in stunning Parc Guel where many of Gaudi’s designs are on display.  I’m precariously perched in a crevice of rocks (pic. 1 below) in an archway that represents bent and twisted tree trunks (pic. 2 below). 



Please remember, I’d be glad to have you join me as a friend on FACEBOOK (Sheila Newton) or follow me on TWITTERsheilaswriting

  Don’t forget, folks:  Ke-ee-eep Reading, Ke-eep Writing – and most importantly, ke-ep visiting my BLOG!  Once again, dear readers,  a very warm WELCOME!


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