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Brand New from Sheila on the Wikinut Site Online

Limbo Dancin’ to the Winning Post




Le Grand Tour de la France – le Quatrième Jour ( awarded the STAR PAGE)




A Cheery, Chirpy Make-Believe Christmas





Une Semaine sur Riviera Français



7 Responses to “Brand New from Sheila on the Wikinut Site Online”

  1. I have followed you on twitter too. Please follow me back. Thanks.

  2. What’s your handle on Twitter? And what’s your handle on RedGage again? I forget! Tut-tut, Sheila! XX
    p.S. Thanks for following me here

  3. Read all the four articles. Congratulations, Sheila…You did hard work and you succeeded in finishing your novel…And you won…yay!!!
    Enjoyed reading your travel articles. Loved the descriptions and wonderful photos. The fountain picture is striking.
    Awesome haikus you wrote in your article. You look lovely in the picture where you were sitting on a rock.
    And oooooh, loved your Christmas decorations. Good job!!!
    The photos are fantastic, especially the one showing your mantle and Christmas birdie tree. So creative and beautiful decorations 😀

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