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Sheila’s New Pet Project – Poetry!

Here are a few links to my new-found love – poetry.  If you’d have told me a year ago I’d be promoting POETRY on my website, I’d have said “Get out of here!”

But it’s so much fun to write a poem in a coffe-break – and better than twiddling my thumbs on the bus or the metro.  I’m having a ball with my poetry-writing.  Take a look – see if you like it:



The Cat and the Clematis





What’s Afoot?  A Muse on Shoes














French Sticks and Stardust



And I promise you guys who take the trouble to visit my website, that I’ll update my blog SOON – and give you the lowdown on where I am with my writing life in the middle of London Olympic Year – 2012.


4 Responses to “Sheila’s New Pet Project – Poetry!”

  1. I love this blog Sheila and so look forward to following you on here.
    Take care and have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks so much Eddy, my lovely Welsh writing buddy. And cheers for following me here.

  3. I’m glad you are enjoying your new found love for poetry. I’ve been writing it ever since I could write, but it’s neat to see people suddenly find they have a passion and talent for the genre. I saw you on Redgage and thought I’d check your blog out to give you a thumbs up! ~GypsyWhim

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