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January 5, 2012

  http://authspot.com/short-stories/the-key-of-the-door/. Advertisements

Wrap yourself in my Nurse’s Cloak and Drift Back to the ’70’s

October 12, 2011

Go to the link below: at:  http://humour.wikinut.com/Reelin-in-the-Years/3deewhti/ and get a flavour of nursing in Britain in the 1970’s.

April 27, 2011

  Everything you need to know about me and my writing is here, on my homepage.    Feel free to browse as you like…  ENJOY MY BLOG, DEAR READERS! MY 2010 JOURNEY In April last year, I started writing creatively, just for fun.  That was when I made the shift from being a retired nurse and teacher, to becoming […]

Reelin’ in the years

June 26, 2010

IT WAS MY 21ST BIRTHDAY – January 29th, 1971 – and the postal strike was on.  No post for me, then, from my folks in Cumbria, waiting in my own personal docket in the nurses’ home: no curiously-shaped envelopes or brown paper parcels gummed up with sealing wax – nothing!  I’d moved to Newcastle the […]