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January 5, 2012

  http://authspot.com/short-stories/the-key-of-the-door/. Advertisements

Wrap yourself in my Nurse’s Cloak and Drift Back to the ’70’s

October 12, 2011

Go to the link below: at:  http://humour.wikinut.com/Reelin-in-the-Years/3deewhti/ and get a flavour of nursing in Britain in the 1970’s.

Text, Twitter and Television | Socyberty

September 9, 2010

Text, Twitter and Television | Socyberty.   A light-hearted look at British political hustings over the last 50-or-so years – and BOY HAVE WE CHANGED! What happened to those rosettes we sported all those years ago?  Well, if you miss your rosette-wearing at election-time, there’s a link at the end of this article that show […]


August 31, 2010

  Here comes a ration Of Sheila’s floral fashion! She sure makes her garden grow, girl – With flowers in the day That’ll  blow you away!                                                                                                       An’ night lights that’ll make your toes curl!                       © Sheila Newton 2010


July 20, 2010

  The band plays a melody that sets the heart aflutter A Beautiful ballroom dress with glitter and sparkle Flounces in a myriad swatches  Of satin and silk and net – All the colours of the rainbow A dress that balls out and out again and again To reach an ankle connected to satin high-heeled […]

Reelin’ in the years

June 26, 2010

IT WAS MY 21ST BIRTHDAY – January 29th, 1971 – and the postal strike was on.  No post for me, then, from my folks in Cumbria, waiting in my own personal docket in the nurses’ home: no curiously-shaped envelopes or brown paper parcels gummed up with sealing wax – nothing!  I’d moved to Newcastle the […]